roofline - UPVC fascia, soffits & guttering

Avoid costly and time-consuming repairs of decaying timber by protecting the exterior of your home with maintenance-free fascias, bargeboards and cladding that provide a cost-effective and long-term solution:

  • Roofline, window and cladding systems, trims and fixings
  • PVCu fascias, soffits, and guttering
  • Eaves box end and decorative bargeboards and trims
  • Over-facia ventilation and eaves protection system

Keeping your property in tip top condition can take up a lot of time and effort, which you would no doubt prefer to spend elsewhere. Maintaining your roofline can proof even harder and potentially dangerous due to its location. You would normally need to work off ladders to reach it or hire expensive scaffolding.

The solution is to replace it completely with long lasting PVCu fascias, soffits, and guttering.

Roofline products provide an attractive and professional finish that will last for many years and, unlike timber, will never need painting nor will it rot, warp or crack and it's highly resistant to the elements and pollution.

Grovewood provides white, black or woodgrain uPVC roofline products which include: guttering and drainpipes to divert rainwater; cladding to replace wooden or other wall surfaces; fascias to protect the ends of rafters; soffits to tidy the under-surface of the overhang of your roof and bargeboards to protect the ends of your roof timbers.

We can also renew the apex tile verges, and as standard we replace the felt to the rafter feet area.

Roofline can also protect your property by keeping water away from roof timbers and other essential parts of its structure for years to come. So you can relax around your home - while others worry about the need to work on theirs.

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